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America: The Story of Us (2010)

America: The Story of Us (2010)
3 DVDs


#Title[7]Original air dateViewers
(in millions)
1"Rebels"April 25, 20105.674[8]
From Jamestown to Plymouth, early settlers fight for survival. Tobacco sows the seeds of opportunity; the north becomes a powerhouse of trade. Tension, taxation, and resistance causes the American colonists to begin doing what many consider impossible: to successfully rebel against the British Empire
2"Revolution"April 25, 20105.674[8]
George Washington's army is near defeat, but new weapons and battle tactics turn the tide. The colonies declare independence from the British Empire. Forged through revolution, a new nation is born. 
3"Westward"May 2, 20103.881[9]
Trailblazing pioneers set out to conquer the west, but find the land already claimed. Wagon trains meet hardship on the road to California's gold. The steamboat ushers in a new era of commerce, industry, and unprecedented wealth. 
4"Division"May 2, 20103.881[9]
Commerce and industry thrive across the new nation, now one of the wealthiest in the world. The Erie Canalbrings big risk and bigger reward. In the South, cotton is king but slavery fuels a growing divide. Violence flares across the territories and abolitionists make a stand for freedom. The election of Abraham Lincoln is a harbinger of war. 
5"Civil War"May 9, 20103.281[10]
The American Civil War rages. The formidable Confederate army cannot match the Union's mastery of technology; railroads, supply lines and the telegraph become new weapons in a modern war. 
6"Heartland"May 9, 20103.281[10]
The Transcontinental Railroad unites the nation and transforms the American Heartland. Native American civilizations decline as farmers settle the continent. Cattle replace wild buffalo as king of the Great Plains. Thecowboy becomes a new American icon. 
7"Cities"May 16, 2010
Americans conquer a new frontier: the modern city, with Andrew Carnegie's empire of steel as its backbone.Skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty are symbols of the American Dream for millions of immigrants. Urban life introduces a new breed of social ills, causing several bold individuals to make a stand. 
8"Boom"May 16, 2010
America strikes oil and the boom time begins. Henry Ford brings the motorcar to the masses and the nation hits the road. Massive engineering projects modernize the American West. Intended to cure vice, Prohibition fuels the growth of organized crime in burgeoning cities. 
9"Bust"May 23, 20102.759[11]
Boom turns to bust when the stock market crashes. The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl blanket the nation in darkness. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal signals recovery, while boxer Joe Louis overcomes racial disputes to help bring America's pride back. 
10"World War II"May 23, 20102.759[11]
The attack on Pearl Harbor brings America into World War II. The war effort revitalizes the nation's economy. American innovation and manufacturing might invigorate the Allies in Europe and in the Pacific, nuclear weaponshelp end the war. 
11"Superpower"May 31, 2010
America becomes a global superpower; technology fuels a boom in the economy and the population. American pioneers conquer new frontiers, from the jet age to the space age, and run headlong into a new threat:Communism
12"Millennium"May 31, 2010
In 2001, the September 11 attacks fuel the War on Terror and America continues its growing journey towards the future, whatever it may be. 


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