Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How do I prevent the songs on my iPod from getting deleted?


You want to remove a song on your computer, but keep it on your iPod. That's not really a problem. The actual problem is that Apple set up iTunes to automatically make the iPod's content match the iTunes content (generally called syncing or auto sync). With the advent of the 80 gig iPod, many people will be using the iPod to free up space on their computer.

You need to set up iTunes to "Manually manage songs and playlist." Here's how to do that.

Solution 1 - Songs on iPod are also in iTunes

If you still have the songs on the iPod and in iTunes (i.e. iTunes content is the same as iPod content), do the following:

1. Connect your iPod to the computer and open iTunes (if it doesn't open automatically)

2. In the Source list, on the left, click on the iPod under DEVICES.

3. For iTunes 7, under the Summary tab, scroll down and check "Manually manage music and videos.".

Note: For iTunes 6, from the top menu, select Edit > Preferences > iPod (tab).
Select " Manually manage songs and playlist".

Solution 2 - Songs on iPod are not in iTunes

If you don't have the songs in iTunes, and you want to keep them on the iPod, you need to stop the auto-sync:

To connect the iPod without iTunes doing the auto-sync.

1. Hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys while connecting the iPod to your computer.
Don't let go of Shift+Ctrl.

2. If iTunes doesn't open automatically open after connecting the iPod, open iTunes. Don't let go of Shift+Ctrl.

3. Wait until the iPod comes up in the Source list under DEVICES (it may take awhile, but don't let go of Shift+Ctrl)

4. For iTunes 7, under the Summary tab, scroll down and check "Manually manage music and videos."

Using "Manually manage":

  • To add new music to the iPod, you will now have to drag those onto the iPod from the iTunes music list.
  • After a song is on the iPod (to confirm, eject the iPod and listen to the song), you can now delete it from iTunes.


How to Create A Single mp3 File from a CD?

How to rip a CD as a single MP3

Before you start, you'll need to gather these elements:
PC running Windows

Audiograbber (freeware)
Audio CDs

Follow these simple steps

1 Download freeware
Download and install Audiograbber from

The simplistic Audiograbber interface

2 Insert an audio CD

3 Adjust the settings
Click the Settings button or select General Settings from the Settings pull-down menu. Specify where you would like the final file saved (the default is in the Audiograbber folder), and click OK. Uncheck ID3v2 from the Settings pull-down menu.

Enter the directory where you would like your file saved in the top box.

Make sure you deselect ID3v2.

4 Select an output format
Along the top of the window, there is a button labeled MP3 with a check box in it. Check this box if you want the resulting file to be an MP3; otherwise, it will be saved as a WAV file.

Check the MP3 box if you don't want a WAV file.

5 Get info for the last track
Right-click the last track, and select Track Properties. Near the bottom, there's a section called Sectors. Copy the number that's in the Last box of this section, and click OK.

Copy the number in the Last box of the Sectors.

6 Add info to the first track
Right-click the first track, and select Track Properties. In the Sectors section, paste the previously copied number in the Last box and click OK.

Paste the last track's Last number in the Last box of the first track.

7 Rip only the first track
Uncheck all of the tracks except for the first track. Click the Grab button. The resulting file will be one uninterrupted track.

Rip your continuous MP3.